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WHIPLASH™ or Other exhaust systems are intended for closed-course competition use only. They are not legal for use on public streets or on any pollution-controlled motor vehicles.

Competition Use Only - Competition or racing parts are those that have not been proven by their manufacturers to not increase vehicle emissions. These parts are not legal for use on any pollution-controlled vehicle in California, and they are required to be labeled as such when they are offered for sale. These parts may only be used on closed course racing or competition vehicles, or on off-road vehicles manufactured prior to the ARB's introduction of off-road emissions standards.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) does not permit the use of aftermarket emission-related part(s) that alter the performance of OEM emission-related devices unless CARB has issued an Executive Order, other than on racing vehicles on closed courses. Check your local laws and manufacturer’s information.

In California, the sale and installation of motorcycle aftermarket exhaust parts that may have the potential to impact emissions are regulated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The sale, installation and use of emissions related aftermarket exhaust parts on motorcycles is prohibited unless the exhaust part is either an OEM "replacement part" as defined by the state California, or is specifically authorized for use by an Executive Order issued by CARB.

(1) Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts are aftermarket parts that are functionally identical to the stock OEM part they are intended to replace, and therefore do not adversely impact emissions when installed and in use. Replacement Parts are permitted for sale, installation and use on motorcycles used on or off the public highways in California. For motorcycles, these parts fall in to two categories:
* No emission control - If the motorcycle’s stock exhaust system does not contain any emission control components, then an aftermarket exhaust part is a Replacement Part and no EO is required.
* Upstream emission control devise. If the motorcycle’s stock exhaust system contains a catalytic converter, then an aftermarket exhaust part positioned downstream from the catalytic converter (i.e. cat-back) is a Replacement Part as long as it does not remove or replace any emission control equipment originally attached to the stock exhaust system.

(2) Executive Order Parts

All exhaust parts that incorporate or impact any emission control devise require a CARB issued Executive Order allowing the parts to be advertised, sold, offered for sale and installed in California, pursuant to specific application.

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