About Us

Whiplash Speed Company is a Southern California based, Veteran-Owned performance parts, accessories and apparel company catering to the V-Twin community and others alike. With a strong military background and a need for a life on wheels (and some without), our influence is fueled by elements skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, motocross and just generally being a rider looking for a good time!


FOUNDER: Carlos Pena

After owning my beloved Sportster for 5 years and countless others since I was 3 years old, I had purchased my first brand new 2015 Dyna Street Bob. I couldn't afford to pay for a high dollar exhaust system for my brand new Harley, so I built my own. For significantly less AND without compromising quality or performance, I had got the job done. A sweet sounding pipe that gained tons of extra HP. The same concept was applied to the crafting of other parts for different motorcycles. The objective is to create a series of parts and accessories to make riding your Harley-Davidson more enjoyable and solve the issue of, putting it simply, making the bike better! Now we are working on making them available to to the public. Our motto is simple..