Drifter Solo Seat - Touring Models

If you’re looking for a seat that’s got the support you need in a minimal style, the WHIPLASH™ Drifter Solo Seat for your Harley-Davidson is just the ticket. This is the perfect upgrade from your factory seat with much better support with performance in mind for the long haul or short rides to the hangout. With 4” of lumbar support and cut from dense memory-foam, you’ll be locked into the comfort of your seat for the ultimate ride. Hand built in the USA and fitted to every model for a tight and perfect fit. Upgrade your ride today!

-Sqaureback Style Seat

-4” of Lumbar Support

-Felt-Lined Fiberglass Seat Pan

-Made From Dense Memory-Foam

-100% American Made


For any special requests regarding customization, please email us at sales@whiplashspeedco.com


NOTE: Please allow up to 5-7 business days handling time before shipment as these are hand-made to order.

  -MATERIAL selection will be the base material for the ENTIRE seat; Black colored materials will have Black Onyx accent bands as shown. -GRIPPER is an unstitched Asphalt Gripper panel added to the Lumbar(wall) section of the seat regardless of the base material. -LOGO is always embroidered in black unless otherwise specified

***ALL SEAT ORDERS ARE FINAL SALE***(Please verify all Information)

Double Diamond
Tuck N Roll
None (Select None in "Stitch Area")

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