Mushman Pegs

Vintage MX inspired design and traction tops. The name pays homage to Steve McQueen’s alter ego he used to stay under the radar and register for the Elsinore Grand Prix.


Technical Details

  • Investment cast stainless steel peg body construction
  • Adjustable clevis is made of cast chromoly
  • Stainless steel socket cap hardware
  • Black ED or polished finish available 


Install Tips

Drop some Loctite on the clevis shaft before you rotate your foot pegs into your ideal riding position. Add another drop of Loctite to the socket cap screw that will bolt your peg to the clevis. Tighten down and you are ready to rip.

Unfortunately, these pegs will not bolt-on to the following models: 13-19 XL1200V/XL1200X/XL1200C XL12000CX, 13-19 FXSB/SE, 11-13 FXS, and/or 08-11FXCW/C.