September 14, 2018 2 min read

NAME: Steven J. Perrell

RIDE: 2017 HD Lowrider S FXDLS

LOCATION: Southern California

IG: @sperrell44


     Steven Perrell is a Southern California native born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He started riding in at the age of 10 on an 80cc Yamaha Badger. Living life from weekend to weekend in the dirt, he then upgraded to the infamous Yamaha Blaster, then to the Raptor 660 and soon after Raptor 700. His whole family lived in the dirt as well as his friends. His dad riding quads and brother tossing around a 2-stroke Yamaha YZF250. This was an off-road lifestyle that is unrivaled and is the foundation of a life on wheels. Then, while only a Junior in high school, his family purchased a 2007 HD Fat Boy for him and his brother to ride. They didn’t care too much for sharing apparently as his brother went out and bought his own 2007 HD Softail Deluxe. Soon after, his father bought an 883 Sportster, which was short-lived and outgrown almost immediately, and he too upgrade to a CVO Softail. Both his father and brother now ride a pair of Road Glides.

     Steven then went on to rack up over 120K miles on that Fat Boy with trips to up the West coast and a bomb to Sturgis gracing the odometer. Ask anyone who knows Steven and the one thing they associate with him is that bike. A gloss military green with a brown solo seat and 18” ape hangers. Sounds pretty standard now, but back when it was new, you couldn’t keep the eyes off of it. It was almost as if Harley-Davidson made this one Fat Boy just for him and never made another.


     10 years of riding that Softail had past. This bike had seen its day and was in much need of an overhaul. It was time to make a decision. Torn between making extensive upgrades to his Softail or jumping on a performance focused bike, Steven brought home a new 2017 HD Lowrider S. Finally! He has since been accustomed to the new standard, but when he first got that Dyna and you’d ask him how he liked it, his eyes lit up! He had no idea how much power and agility a Harley-Davidson Could have. “This sh*ts nimble as f*ck!” Pure poetry from the mouth of a real rider. In a sense, it was another mode of which to take his riding to a whole new level. Only a year has past and already he’s racked up 27K miles on the bike. By now you should understand this man lives on his motorcycle. When he’s not sucking down whisky or puffing on cigars, he lives and breaths Motorcycles; all the way down to his day job at a Harley dealership.

Why does Steven love riding?

“It’s given me peace of mind and brought me closer to God and pure freedom than any church ever has. The speed is like a cooling down of the mind and spirit. Riding has provided me with the best of friends I could not exchange for all the riches in the world. God put me on this earth to ride motorcycles.. Nothing else.” -SJP